Sunday, September 6, 2020

BIBLE MATTERS for Wednesday, September 9

Our first session of Bible Matters, a discussion group, will be this Wednesday, September 9.  We will meet at Good Shepherd at 7:00 PM.  The topic will be: "Why Lutheran?"

Some of the questions we can consider and discuss:

     >  Why do you attend a Lutheran Church?

     >  What is it about the confession of the Lutheran Church that you find appealing?

     >  If someone were to ask you what you like about being Lutheran, how would you respond?

     >  Lutherans seem to believe different things about the Bible.  Where you do you stand, and why?

     >  Aren't all denominations basically the same?

     >  Why do you have liturgical worship?  Why not adopt something new or innovative?

Of course, other questions may arise, and we can discuss those as they come up.  All are welcome, including friends and acquaintances.

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