Saturday, October 17, 2020

Bible Matters -- A discussion group


Our society is becoming more and more secular.  The Bible and its teachings are being attacked, mocked, and dismissed—even by Christian churches!  God's people are in a position where we have to defend our faith or deny it.  Remaining silent about our faith should not be considered an option.  We are encouraged to give an answer to anyone who asks about the reason for the hope we have.  That tells us that people will ask us about our faith and that we ought to be prepared with answers.

What answers can you give?  How do you react to attacks on biblical teachings?  What if someone presents a convincing argument that produces doubts about your beliefs?  Sadly, the trend seems to be that people with doubts slink away from the church rather than come to the church to seek answers and a defense of the faith.

Bible Matters discusses teachings that are questioned or misrepresented.  The topics may make you uncomfortable, but we ought to discuss them in a Scriptural way; dismissing them makes us sound like we don't really have answers.  The more comfortable we get discussing our faith and defending it, the more prepared we will be to stand firm when the faith is attacked and the more confident we will be in sharing our faith with others.

Is that a lofty goal for a Bible class?  YES!  This class allows people (members or guests) to ask challenging questions.  You are free to be bold with your questions.  You are even free to be a heretic (though we will not leave you free to remain a heretic).  Our goal is to be more and more firmly grounded on God's word so that we will not be blown here and there by every wind of teaching.  This is especially useful to prepare young people whose faith will be challenged in high school and college.

Upcoming Topics: 

Oct 21 –  I have doubts about the Bible.  Now what?

Oct 28 –  Marriage: Still God's plan; still a good idea.

Nov 4  –   Is it important that I'm special?

Nov 11 –  Are all judgmental people bad?

If anyone wants to follow along on Zoom, contact the pastor ( to receive a link.  Your contribution to the discussion may have to be limited to the Chat feature.  Topics may be suggested to the pastor and will be announced prior to each session.  

Bible Matters meets on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  All are welcome.

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