Saturday, January 10, 2015

M-Live article, MLS Basketball

We are proud of all of our children, and we do our best to let them know that.  It is especially flattering when we find an article written about them, noticing that someone else is paying attention to them as well.

Well, apparently M-Live has noticed Andrew--although M-Live has altered his height a number of times between football and basketball season.  At one time, he was 6'6".  Then he lost an inch.  Apparently, he is getting even shorter for basketball season, being listed now at 6'4".

M-Live has a nice article about Andrew from this basketball season.  He also gives a nice shout-out to his big brother, Nathanael.  You can find it here.

One side note, if you scroll through the photos at the lead of the article, all of the MLS players' names are wrong.  Even the coach's name is wrong.  The M-Live reporter grabbed every name from the JV program.  Oops.

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