Saturday, January 31, 2015

MLS Basketball vs. Alma

Michigan Lutheran Seminary played Alma on Friday night.  The Freshmen team missed WAY too many layups to overcome Alma.  The final was 48-28, and I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that if MLS had made all their layups, they could have won.

Sidenote: From a distance away, Laura watched Philip and the St. Peter Eagles in Plymouth as they split their games for the evening.  It is hard to pick and choose who to see or not.

The varsity game was HUGE for both teams.  Each team entered the game leading their respective conferences (Tri-Valley Central--MLS vs West--Alma).   MLS was also hoping to keep its undefeated record perfect.

It was a hard fought game, with the refs letting a LOT of contact go.  Almost no reach in calls, and no loose ball fouls when bodies were crashing all over the floor trying to scoop up loose balls.  Both teams' fans hoped for better, and neither got it.  In other words, both sides were screwed consistently.  But I guess you can be thankful for at least the consistent part.

You can see a really nice recap of the game from channel 12 news here. or here:

This is who Andrew had to guard for a chunk of the night, 6'10" Junior, Dylan Carl.
He's Lutheran, too!

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