Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Getaway ... to Minnesota

The Local Tourist hit the road this weekend.

I have seen Faith play a number of games online, but not live, since she has been in college.  This weekend, I got to make the trip to see her live.  As a bonus, my parents decided to join me on the trip.

First, I had stopped in St. Joseph, Michigan to take some photos of the ice-encrusted lighthouse there.  In the past when I was traveling with other family members, I did not try the patience of other travelers.  This time, driving solo, I decided to stop.  As it turns out, I also ended up stopping in Michigan City, Indiana and grabbed some photos there.  The stop in Michigan City was a matter of taking one exit too early, but once I got that close to the lake, I had to check out their lighthouse too.  Photos below.

Although it looks like the one in St. Joseph, MI,
this lighthouse is actually in Michigan City, IN.
We got to New Ulm and got to see Faith play against Crown College.
Grandma and Grandpa Schroeder got to see Faith and Nathanael at MLC.
Martin Luther College won, 69-48.  (At least I'm pretty sure that was the final; they took the score off REALLY fast.)  Tomorrow, MLC plays U of Minn--Morris.  I was told that should be a tougher game.  Finally, the world of texting allowed me to find out Philip's St. Peter's team won and that MLS beat rival Ithaca.  Photos of some of Faith's game below.

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