Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This past Sunday, we enjoyed our annual Octoberfest celebration at Good Shepherd again.  This is the seventh one!  Each year, we consider the events of the Lutheran Reformation, taking about a year's worth of events at a time.  This year's Luther Lecture covered April 1521 to March 1522, entitled A Year at the Wartburg Castle, "My Patmos."

The past Octoberfests included these topics for the Luther Lecture.
          2012 -- Here I Stand: The Diet of Worms (1521)
          2011 -- The Word Did the Work: Significant Writings of Luther (1520)
          2010 -- Them's Fightin' Words: The Leipzig Debate (1519)
          2009 -- Luther's New Theology: The Heidelberg Disputation (1518)
          2008 -- The 95 Theses: What are they and do they matter anymore? (1517)
          2007 -- The Places of the Reformation (recruitment for a trip to Germany, taken Sept 2008)

The food was fantastic.  We had bratwurst, Bavarian red cabbage, two kinds of German potato salad, sauerbraten (!!!!), and other sumptuous desserts.  I wish I had four stomachs to enjoy all the food that was there!

We will have another Octoberfest in early October 2014.  Luther Lecture topic to be determined, but we should be covering 1522-1523 of the Lutheran Reformation.

Here are some photos from this year's Octoberfest.


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