Sunday, October 25, 2015

MLS Football at Birch Run (Varsity)

On Friday, October 23, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals traveled south to Birch Run to face the Panthers.  Birch Run entered the game playing for their playoff lives, as well as Parents' Night, an awareness for cancer game, and in recognition for the wife of their athletic director who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Despite all of the emotional incentives for Birch Run, they could not contain MLS from grabbing a quick 20-0 lead in the first quarter.  Casey Williams managed to bust free for a number of long touchdowns and give MLS a comfortable lead.  Eventually that lead expanded to 34-7.

Birch Run managed to move the ball with pretty good consistency, mainly with a running game that saw anywhere from 3 yard gains to 7 yard gains.  That methodical kind of offense takes a lot of time off the clock, which did not work in Birch Run's favor because they were down early.

In all, MLS managed to score seven TD's to Birch Run's 3.  Final score was 49-21, ensuring that MLS will host a playoff game next Friday.  (We will be stunned if we don't.)

Andrew had four catches for 89 yards, but none of them ended with him in the end zone.  He jumped high for one in the first quarter, but he needed about six more inches to grab it (photo below).

You can also read an article from M-Live here, and see a spot featuring MLS on Friday Night Lights here.  (The MLS-Birch Run contest begins at the 1;20 mark.)

Some photos below.

This throw to the end zone was just a little bit too tall.
Andrew on a long run after a catch.
3rd quarter action.  The throw was a bit high.  #11 from Birch Run came in on the hit and ended up taking the worst of it.
Andrew comes in for the assist on the tackle.
This was a nice run-after-catch by Andrew in the 4th quarter.

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