Friday, October 23, 2015

MLS Football vs. Birch Run (JV)

The Michigan Lutheran Seminary JV Cardinals played host to the Panthers of Birch Run on Thursday night.  While Birch Run proved themselves to be the better team,  Birch Run busted open way too many long runs for TD's.  MLS did not do themselves any favors with too many turnovers.  We also flirted with aTD and came up empty-handed inside the five yard line.

The final score wsa 48-13, bringing a painful end to the JV careers of many MLS sophomores.  These sophomores have grown in their football knowledge and skills, and we look forward to seeing what they will do when they step of to varisty (some of them for the varsity playoffs already!).

Some photos.
Caleb pulls in a catch in the 1st quarter, helping to set up one of MLS' touchdowns.
2nd quarter, Caleb went low for this one, but it was called incomplete.
Caleb tried to pull this in deep, but it was tipped right in front of him,, popped up into the air, and then intercepted.
4th quarter, Caleb hauled in this long catch and ran it near the end zone, but not in.
I think Adam Arrowsmith punched it in shortly after this. 
Final salute of the 2015 JV season.
Postgame compeitition between Peter and Andrew.  Charli is the QB.

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