Saturday, October 17, 2015

MLS Football at Breckenridge (Varsity)

On Friday, October 16, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals travelled to Breckenridge to take on the Huskies.  From what I understand, Breckenridge has had a rather miserable season.  They also had a pretty small bench.  I played on a team like that in high school, so I appreciate their persistence to continue to work at the game.  Season grow especially long and games are a test of mental endurance when you are having a bad year.

MLS did not make life any easier for the Huskies, coasting to a 49-0 win.  Andrew had one TD catch.  We heard he was only about a yard away from having a TD on a punt return.  We had gotten to the game just in time, then got detained in the parking lot, and then at the bathroom.  By the time we actually saw any of the game, MLS was already up 7-0 and threatening to score again.  Andrew's punt return set up the first TD.

Anyway, there was a running clock for most of the second half, and cold fans (on both sides of the field, I think) were cheering for the clock to move quickly.  After the game, the stands cleared out rather quickly, and people streamed to their warm cars.

This catch was good for a first down.
One second away from a touchdown.
One second away from the Breckenridge player wishing he was not the intended receiver.  Andrew with the big hit.