Saturday, October 31, 2015

MLS Football vs. Bay City All Saints -- playoff edition

On Friday night, October 30, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals got to host round one of the state playoffs.  We welcomed the Cougars of Bay City All Saints, who came to the MLS field with a 6-3 record.

Other than the weather which was terrible last year, this round started to shape up like our game last year vs. Manton.  We were so convinced that we would run away with the game that we were a little unnerved to be scoreless at the end of the 1st quarter and then down 8-6 after a bobbled ball turned into a 78 yard TD for the Cougars.  As it turned out, I think that is what finally got us to wake up.

And then the route was on.  At one point in the 2nd quarter, MLS put up 22 points in about a minute.  MLS' defense stepped up, refusing to let the Cougars run anywhere.  One M-Live said that the Cougars gained -1 yard rushing all game.  (Another said 9 yards total.  Go figure.)  The Cardinals on the other hand, threw the ball deep several times.  Hunter Miller scored on two nice passes.  I was giddy to see this, because it sends a message that we do not rely on two or three players to carry us.  Andrew scored one TD in the 2nd quarter and another in the 3rd.  Cade Kestner ran for three.  And even back-up QB, Adam Arrowsmith, who played QB for the JV, ran one in in the 4th quarter.

Besides receiving, Andrew also returned punts, including one long return down deep into Cougar territory.  He also posted an interception which ended the Cougars' first drive.

Caleb was pulled up to varsity and was told that he could expect a lot of playing time.  I also think that we were expecting the big lead to come much earlier than it finally did.  Caleb almost missed playing time, but a coach threw him in for the final :30, in which Caleb played defensive end for three plays.  Final score, MLS wins 54-14 and advances to round two.

We will be playing Friday, November 6 at MLS, hosting Fowler.  Fowler will come into the game at 7-3 after beating Merrill 29-7.

Some photos below are from after the game.  MHSAA rules prohibit posting any game photos, so if you want to see them, you have to drop by my house.

You can read an M-Live article here.  You can find another M-Live article here.
You can also watch the Friday Night Highlights here.  MLS' highlights begin at the 3:26 mark.
MLS also made the highlights on Part 2 of the Highlight Zone and begins at the 3:26 mark.  Apparently, the camera guy did not show up until the 4th quarter.
Football players with a St. Peter's Lutheran School (Plymouth) connection-- Nathanael, Damon, Tyler, Andrew, and Caleb.

2014 Class reunion -- Charli, Nathanael, Chad, and Travis
Grandpa Schmidt, Grandma Schmidt, Laura, and Andrew
Class of 2020 "pre-union" -- Cole, Philip, and Kai

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