Saturday, October 10, 2015

MLS Football vs. Valley Lutheran (Varsity)

We did not get to see the Michigan Lutheran Seminary JV squad on Thursday night.  Because we were in southwest Michigan, we did not stand a chance to make the game at Valley Lutheran in Saginaw.  We also heard that the weather was wretched, so we felt a little better about missing that.  The good news is that the MLS JV won the game.  Suggested scores from our children were 51-12 or 51-14 or something like that.  Our family prides itself on precision!

The MLS varsity hosted the Chargers of Valley Lutheran (Saginaw), hoping to cement a spot in the playoffs with their 6th win of the year.  The win was convincing, and confidence boosting after a rough loss to Ithaca the week before.  MLS left their Homecoming fans happy with a 61-20 win.

Andrew was moved out to wide receiver for the whole game.  Sophomore Cade Kestner started at QB and had quite a game for his first start on varisty.  Kestner threw for 3 TD's and ran for 3 more.  Casey Williams also finally returned to action and he posted 3 TD's (two rushing, one receiving).

Two of Kestner's TD passes were to Andrew.  There is a photo of one below.  The other photo was a big blur.  Crud.  In addition to three catches at wide receiver, Andrew pulled in one interception and had a long return on that one, setting up another TD a few plays later.

You can check out an M-Live article here.

You can also see some TV coverage from Friday Night Lights here.  Start at the 8:00 mark for MLS coverage.  Cade Kestner and Andrew Schroeder also get shout-outs at the 9:20 mark!

The first score of the game.
This catch came up just a few yards short of a TD.
Here is Andrew's interception.
Most punts were kicked out of bounds to prevent returns.
Andrew got to return this one quite a few yards (30?) to give MLS nice field position to start their next drive.