Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MLS Football vs. Ithaca (Varsity)

I'm a little slow getting updated on this blog (a few days, anyway), so here is the recap of the contest between the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Cardinals and the Yellowjackets of Ithaca.

In short, Ithaca is a strong, fast, disciplined, and talented team.  It showed up on the field and in the final score, 38-0.

One giant factor was field position in the entire first half.  While there were some expections, MLS played on a field that was 90 yards or so long.  Ithaca's field was about 35 yards long.  We made it hard for ourselves to get down the field and to keep Ithaca out of the end zone.

There is coverage from WMEN, TV 5 found here.  The MLS-Ithaca contest is the first one broadcast.  You can also find an M-Live article here.  You can also watch Coach Schmugge's pre-game talk here.

Some photos.

It was parents' night at MLS.

Andrew defensed this pass in the 1st quarter.

This was the closest we got to a TD, but the pass was tipped and fell to the ground, 4th quarter.