Saturday, October 8, 2016

MLS Football vs. Valley Lutheran

JV vs. Valley Lutheran
On Thursday, October 6, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary JV Cardinals played host to the Chargers of Valley Lutheran.  MLS QB, Max Nordlie, had an excpetional game with a number of long TD runs.  A strong and productive first half meant that many MLS players got a chance to see the field.

Philip mainly played defense.  But when he got to play guard in the 2nd half, he ended up having to block a Freshman for Valley who was probably 6 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than he is.  Needless to say, Philip had his hands full.

The end of the game was a bit bizzare.  The game ended with two final scores.  If you are an MLS fan, the final score was 40-14.  If you are a Valley fan, the final score was 40-20.

What happened?  Valley had converted a first down with the clock at about 0:03 left in the game.  The refs did not stop the clock for the moving of the chains, so time ran out.  Valley complained and were allowed to line up for one more play.  The refs spotted the ball and motioned for the clock to start, which at this time read 0:00.  Even if you put the 0:03 back on the clock, the Valley offense took their time snapping the ball, so the clock would have run out then.  In any case, the play ran and Valley scored a TD on a long pass.  But then they did not get to run a PAT.  If the play was valid, why didn't they get the PAT attempt?  And if the play was not valid, why was Valley given a TD?  Strange, but in the big scheme of things, meaningless.

Some photos:

Philip's blocking assignment, with mixed success.

The Freshmen from the 2016 JV team.
Varsity at Valley Lutheran
On Friday, October 7, MLS drove down Bay Road and took a left on McCarty to face Valley Lutheran at their homecoming.  We got delayed badly and did not make it to Valley until just about halftime.  As a result, we missed Casey Williams running wild, posting 5 TD's on 7 carries.

We also missed Caleb getting a flurry of tackles early in the game.  With the score being lopsided, the refs imposed a running clock which made the 2nd half go pretty quickly.  The final score was 47-0

Some photos from the 2nd half.

Valley chose not to kick it deep to Casey (don't blame them), allowing Caleb to return the kickoff.
Caleb (left) seals the block to help QB, Adam Arrowsmith (far right), scamper into the end znne.

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