Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bell Tower Progress

The first gift given for our bell tower had to have been given over ten years ago.  Slowly, over time, money trickled into that account.  "Bell Tower" was a line item in our restricted funds that seemed to taunt us month after month.

After Alice Laho died and left a generous estate to Good Shepherd, we decided to use a portion of that estate to complete the expense for completing the bell tower.  Then began plans, revisions, submission to the city of Novi for a permit, followed up by a win load study, then revisions, then resubmission for a permit, and then finally a permit.  From there, we delayed a bit, finally recognizing that if we don't get on this, the permit would expire (a 90 day permit) and the weather would make the pouring of the foundation unfeasible  Well, we got the foundation poured just under the gun before the weather takes a drastic turn.  The footings are in!

I don't know how soon the iron structure will be put into place, but we have at least seen tangible progress on the bell tower.  Here are a few photos from the work on Monday and Tuesday.

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