Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mission Festival at Good Shepherd -- Sunday, October 20

 Our Mission Festival this year will be Sunday, October 20.  Our guest preacher and presenter will be a classmate of mine--Rev. Guy Marquardt.  Pastor Marquardt and his wife, Linda, will be joining us to encourage us to be faithful supporters of the Gospel preached in south Asia.  Pastor Marquardt fills an interesting position, bringing the Gospel and advances doctrinal instruction to indigenous pastors who then return to serve their own congregations.  It is safe to say that Pastor Marquardt's efforts and the pastors he serves get to enjoy one of the largest mission fields on earth.

After our festival service at 10:00 AM, we will enjoy a hearty brunch, followed by a presentation from Pastor and Linda Marquardt about the work being done in south Asia.  Since this is one of many missions supported by our mission offerings, it is good to be aware of the work we are supporting.  It will also serve as an encouragement for us to be missionaries in our own city.  When we see the love and devotion that others have for Christ in much more difficult surroundings, we can be all the more eager and resolved to do more where we are.

All are welcome.  If you are so inclined, you would be welcomed to supply food and/or beverages for our after service meal.  You can check out the Sign Up Genius link here:

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