Friday, October 4, 2019

Things that make me go, HMMMMMMM... and the city of Novi

Novi is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the city has been putting out YouTube videos about the history of the city.  This month's installment has to do with the Novi Expo Center (now a vacant lot, but being developed for something new) and the Suburban Collection Showplace.

If you are driving into Novi from the west on I-96, you will notice a large water town with the word "Adell" on it.  It always made me go HMMMMM, wondering who or what Adell was.  The video below references (not much, but it does) Frank Adell, who was involved with the Novi Expo Center.  Mystery solved.

It also shows how Novi has grown.  Back when the Novi Expo Center had only one entry off of Novi Road, the traffic on weekends was horrendous.  It was best to avoid Novi Road and Grand River at all costs.  Traffic on Novi Road is a lot happier on weekends now that they have two different directions of entry into the Suburban Collection Showplace.

You can watch the video about the Novi Expo Center and the Suburban Collection Showplace here.

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