Friday, December 20, 2019

Good News about Detroit

Detroit's River Walk
 Detroit seems like it is forever the butt of jokes.  Internet stories about urban blight will regularly highlight Detroit as the poster-child of all urban blight.  Want stories about the ten worst cities for poverty, crime, abandoned houses, etc....?  You can bet Detroit will be mentioned, even if it has to be put in an honorable mention category (e.g., "Are you surprised Detroit did not make the list???").

The Spirit of Detroit
John Gallagher is a writer for the Detroit Free Press, or should I say, "was."  Mr. Gallagher wrote his final article and now is retiring after 32 years of covering urban and economic development for the Detroit Free Press.  His final article reflects on what he has seen regarding Detroit--both the ugly and the good.  But his article notes that things are trending in the right direction for the city of Detroit.  That is news that does not seem to get shared anywhere but in Detroit.

Mr. Gallagher is not a cheerleader.  He is honest in recognizing Detroit's marred history and current flaws.  He does not forget that Detroit had to declare bankruptcy in 2013 or 2014.  And he does not proclaim triumph, not yet.  Detroit still has work to do.  But, Detroit is working toward a better city.
Inside the Guardian Building

Anyone can tell you: Destruction can be done in a moment; improvement and growth take a lot of time and are hard work.  And Detroit is working at it.  Mr. Gallagher details some of the success stories that are leading to a renewed (some would say "resurrected") Detroit.  I hope the work continues, and I hope people outside Detroit will recognize that Detroit is no longer a joke.

Here is Mr. Gallagher's article:

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