Thursday, December 19, 2019

Update from Good Shepherd (December 19, 2019)


        Divine Services are Sundays at 10:00 AM.
        Sunday School is on Sundays at 8:45 AM.
        Adult Bible Class is on Sundays at 8:45 AM.
        Adult Bible Class will be working our way through the book of 2 Samuel.  We will consider how God worked in the life of David who foreshadows the Son of David.  NOTE: Wednesday classes are suspended until January 8.

You are encouraged to share Facebook posts or send people to Good Shepherd's web page for information about our Christmas schedule.  Outreach is the job of all of us, and this good news of great joy which is meant for all people should be made known to all people.

Christmas poinsettias will be available to purchase and take home after the children’s Christmas service 12/22. Cost will be $10.  Donations can be given to Susan Shipe, Cathy Mowers, or place the money in an envelope in the offering plate marked “Poinsettia.”  There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Room.

        There will be a lot going on in December, so here is a glance at what the schedule is.  If any times or dates should change, you will be notified.  If you have any questions, call the church office.
December 21 Sunday School Christmas dress rehearsal  (9:00 - 10:30  AM)
December 22 Children's Christmas pageant – 10:00 AM
December 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 7:00 PM
December 25 Christmas Day Festival Service – 10:00 AM

        Regular office hours at Good Shepherd will be Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. While there may be some flexibility to this schedule, we will try to keep it as regular as possible. 

The Redford Pregnancy Care Center is eager to enjoy a greater participation with the WELS congregations who so graciously support this charitable work.  In the past, the role of the center was mostly to offer free pregnancy tests to concerned women, to give encouragement to cherish the child they were carrying so that they would carry their child to term and give birth, and to witness with the Gospel as much as possible.  With pregnancy tests so readily available from many sources, that kind of interaction doesn't happen much anymore.  The role of the center has become much more a source of support for the women who have given birth and now whose concern is caring for their children.  The Redford Pregnancy Care Center, therefore, is mainly a center for charitable aid to struggling mothers/families.  Of course, the encouragement to cherish life and witnessing with the Gospel remain a strong emphasis.
In order to continue our service to mothers and families, we think it is important to have our congregations aware and engaged in this ministry.  We hope to increase and improve the communications on our end so that you know the connections we are making with people.   And we hope that these connections will lead to people connecting with our congregations.  
        For now, we are hoping to increase awareness by asking you to like our Facebook page.  Search for “The Pregnancy Care Center” and follow us for updates. 


We will always have services as scheduled at Good Shepherd.  Since I live across the parking lot, I can get to the church no matter how bad the weather gets.  Even if the service is just me and my family, we will be here.  For everyone else, please use your God-given common sense to determine whether or not you will get on the road to attend any service when the weather is bad.  We don't want anyone to risk his or her life to be here.  But if you do venture out, the scheduled service will take place.  It may be only a handful with a cappella singing and/or spoken liturgy, but we will be here.
        Bible Classes and meetings may be canceled due to weather.  Check your email regarding announcements to see if any of those scheduled events is canceled.  If there is no email about it, it is not canceled.  But again, use common sense to determine if you can make it, and call the pastor to let him know if you will not be coming.

>>> A new Bible Information Class will be starting up on Monday, January 13 (7:00–8:30 PM).  Now is the time to be thinking of whom you might invite and bring to this class.  
>>> Want to read through the Bible in a year?  You can find a schedule for daily Bible readings at Good Shepherd’s web site here.  This schedule is rather aggressive, covering the entire Bible and the Gospels twice.  A less aggressive schedule (Through the Bible in 3 Years) is available in the tract rack at Good Shepherd.

Look for Good Shepherd on Facebook.  Then “LIKE” us for updates and other postings.

God bless you.

In Christ,
Pastor Schroeder
SUNDAY SCHOOL -- Sundays at 8:45 AM.
ADULT BIBLE CLASS -- Sundays at 8:45 AM

DIVINE SERVICES -- Sundays at 10:00 AM


Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church
41415 W. Nine Mile Road
Novi, Michigan  48375-4306
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Divine Services -- Sundays at 10:00 AM

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