Monday, December 16, 2019

Lutheran Satire -- Christmas hymns

Good hymns are to proclaim the promises of God and what God done to fulfill them.  Sadly, we often get distracted by sappy and sentimental melodies that tug at our emotions that the lyrics of the song get lost.  We are not very discriminating when it comes to the lyrics because the song is pretty.  So, while some hymns are beloved, they do not proclaim God's promises and works very well.

Lutheran Satire to the rescue to highlight this fault in our discernment.  Here, Pastor Hans Fiene illustrates the difference between Lutheran hymns and Anglican hymns (though not true all the way across the board).

One final note: The ribbing at the end regarding the accent suggests you are familiar with another of Lutheran Satire's videos: Horus Ruins Christmas.  You should watch that one too.


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