Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall in Michigan

We haven't gotten out as much as we would like, but we did manage to get to an orchard a couple of weekends ago.  We went to Erwin Orchards in South Lyon, which is pretty standard for us.  We had even commented that we should really make an effort to get to some other orchards and check them out.

Well, Erwin's did what it could to encourage that attitude.  The lines were painfully long, and they only had one tractor pulling wagons to get people to the various apple stops.  It was an hour wait for the wagon.  We always figured that the wagon ride is part of what we were paying for, so we waited it out.  Peter got really whiny about how long the wait was.  So did I, but my whining was much more adult than Peter's -- though I think we felt about the same.  When it was close to closing time and they had to get all kinds of people out of the orchard, they managed to find two extra tractors.  I shared a few comments with Laura about that.

The day itself was beautiful.  After we got our 1/2 bushel of Cortland apples, we let Philip and Peter play around on the hay bales while Laura stood in the eternal line for doughnuts and cider.  It was actually getting dark by the time we left, but all that waiting was part of the reason.  Some photos.

 Peter looked cool in his Charlie Brown shirt!

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