Saturday, October 18, 2014

MLS Football vs. Breckenridge

It was a good week of football for Michigan Lutheran Seminary.  Caleb and the JV team traveled to Breckridge in the midst of a sea of windmills.  As the day went dark, we were surrounded by a sea of blinking red lights.  The wind turbines might do something for energy, but it will take me a long time to be convinced that they do anything positive for the scenery.

Anyway, the MLS JV put together their best game of the year.  They looked their best in all facets of the game.  The result was a 42-22 win.

Caleb almost had an interception, too.  On 4th and about 8, the pass bounced off of a few hands before Caleb saw it bouncing in front of him.  But it continued to bounce--off his hands and to the ground.  My theory is that in a split second, Caleb thought "Hey, if I catch this, it might look good in my personal stats as an interception.  But if I drop it, we will almost certainly have better field position as Breckenridge will turn the ball over on downs.  So the better option is to drop this pass.  Yes.  That is what I will do.  I will drop it on purpose."  Anyway, that is my theory.  Caleb has yet to confirm or deny this.

Photos here.
 Granted, it doesn't look like it here, but this was the pass that almost was intercepted by Caleb. 

On Friday night, Breckenridge traveled to MLS.  MLS had everything working very well again.  Things are coming together very nicely as we are heading into the playoffs in two weeks.  There were a total of 8 TD's scored, 2 each by four different players (Note: M-Live reports disagree with my memory, giving 3 TD's to Kyler Lehr and 1 TD to Owen Heyn).  Andrew had two TD catches and also played QB through the 4th quarter.  The final was an MLS win, 55-0.

It pays to be the game of the week.  M-Live posted serevral articles about the MLS team and game.  You can take a look here, and here, and here.

Photos here.

 Andrew blocks down field to help Owen Heyn get closer to the end zone.

 After the 2 point conversion, you can change that scoreboard to 21-0!  TOUCHDOWN!!!

 Andrew is drooling for an opportunity to get an interception.  
Two passes were in his neighborhood, but not really catchable.

Andrew got to play QB in the 4th quarter.

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