Thursday, October 23, 2014

Floor Hockey Tournament

On Saturday, October 18, St. Peter's went to the annual floor hockey tournament at St. John's Lutheran School in Westland.  It is a pretty long day with eight teams playing in two divisions.  The top two in each division advance to the final four.  St. Peter's was not expecting to do that well, but we advanced to the finals.

We ended up losing to the host team 3-2.  The last games were all very tight.  In fact, St. John's had to win in a shoot out to get to the final game.

I am always impressed by how hard the kids play and how careful they still are.  I don't recall any high-sticking penalties being called--at least not in the games I watched.  They even made me ref in the championship game.  I had to dubious honor of calling all three goals against St. Peter's.

Philip had a pretty good tournament.  I know he notched a number of goals, and he probably remembers exactly how many, but he's not here right now to clue me in.

Anyway, here are some pics.