Friday, September 4, 2015

MLS Football at Carrollton (Varsity) UPDATE: TV highlights now included

Due to the Labor Day weekend, this week' games were bumped up to Thursday night.  The Michigan Luthearn Seminary Cardinals traveled just a few miles to visit the Carrollton Cavaliers.  Carrollton had dedicated this game to a former player, Derrick Nash,who had gone on to play at Central Michigan.  Derrick Nash died of leukemia this past summer.  Nathanael remembers playing against him at Carrollton just a few years ago.  There is a story about Derrick Nash here.  We expected Carrollton to come out fired up.

The field was rain soaked after a full day of deluge-type rain.  (We did not get nearly that much in Novi.)  The game was also slightly delayed due to lightning in the area.  And the game started slow, too.  Both teams staged their opening drives which consumed almost the whole first quarter.

MLS and Carrollton also exchanged turnovers a few times throughout the game.  Not surprisingly, the ball proved slippery.

MLS, however, found the end zone a few times.  Casey Williams hit the end zone four times this game--including two "how in the world did he stay in-bounds?" TDs.  Andrew also managed two long runs which scored TD's.  His second TD was the more memorable.  He had gone back to pass and was swarmed quickly by four Carrollton black jerseys.  Somehow, someway, he twisted away to his left, hoping just to get out of danger.  What he saw when he spun out of trouble was a whole lot of green, and he scampered past the remaining Carrollton defenders to go about 25 yards into the end zone.

MLS ended up with a convincing 41-12 win.  You can read about a recap of the game from the M-Live here.

UPDATE:  TV highlights can be found here.  MLS highlights are first on Friday Night Lights.

Photos below.

I'm pretty sure this ended up turning into one of Andrew's TD runs.

This comaraderie was good to see.  Just a few moments earlier, Tristan Pankow, an exceptional linebacker for MLS, was bent over backward pretty ugly as he was playing some running back.  What looked like it might have been a season-ending knee injury ended up being "only" an ankle injury.  Tristan is expected to miss the next game, but may be back after that.  Anyway, it was nice seeing Andrew, Casey, and Caoch Kesnter have a laugh with Tristan while he nursed his injury.

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