Friday, September 11, 2015

MLS Football at St. Charles (JV)

Last night's Michigan Lutheran Seminary's JV team traveled to St. Charles to face the Bulldogs.  The most remarkable feature of this game was the unbelievable lack of mosquitos!  St. Charles has been notorious for the mosquito population in the visitors' stands.  I did not swat or slap once all night!

The game was an offensive contest, for sure.  The teams comblined to put up 82 points.  Unfortunately, the majority of those points ended up on the St. Charles side of the scoreboard.  The final was 48-34.

St. Charles had some pretty big bodies up front, and they had pretty good success running misdirection plays around the ends.  Poor Flin Breland who plays cornerback got crushed a few times by pulling offensive linemen who outsized him quite a bit.  Give Flin credit; he did not run away from contact.

MLS, on the other hand seemed to have its best success throwing the ball.  There were a few hard runs between the tackles, and some of those runs managed to be ground out to ten yards or so.  But there seemed to be a few too many 3rd and long's along the way.  Adam Arrowsmith threw some long passes to boost the yardage for the Cardinal offense.

Caleb managed to have another good game at tight end/wide receiver.  He made a number (I don't remember how many) of catches throughout the game, including three for TD's and one or two for 2 point conversions.  I thought he also improved on his blocking, and that is always a good thing.

The game had been tight until about the 4th quarter.  MLS was driving and needed about 4 yards to convert on 4th down.  A TD drive would have potentially tied the game.  But MLS failed to convert (about 2 yards short), and St. Charles drove the ball right down the field to put them up by 14 points with only a minute and change to go in the game.  An MLS fumble gave the ball back to St. Charles who kneeled on it twice for the win.

Photos below.

Caleb (lower left) has improved his blooking.  That is nice to see!
Caleb got upfield after this catch, broke some tackles, and turned it into a nice gain.

Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt made the trip up for the game.
Although they did not get to see a win, they saw Caleb get to  make some nice catches.