Friday, September 25, 2015

MLS Football vs. St. Louis (JV)

Thursday night saw the Michigan Lutheran Seminary JV Cardinals host the Sharks of St. Louis.  MLS was still working with their back up QB, Noah Nordlie, because of Adam Arrowsmith's concussion.  Apparenly, Adam had just received the all clear, but he had not practiced all week, so he was still out.  It also meant that MLS would do most of his offense on the ground.  Caleb would spend most of his night blocking and tackling.

Caleb looked better on defense last night, a bit mor aggressive than he had been.  He engaged on a few tackles and ran at a few piles, too.

His blocking helped out on a few long runs and one punt return for a TD.  Caleb was targeted on two deep passes, but both passes fell incomplete.

MLS' running game did everything it needed to do, led by strong running by Noah Nordlie, Damon Pearce, and Jacob Lewis.  MLS won 33-6.

You can also tell it is autumn.  Here are a few photos--the first from the beginning of the game, the second from the end of the game.  The days are getting shorter.....  Other photos follow.

Caleb's block (far left) was a decleater.  That kind of thing encourages more blocking!

Caleb's block is far right.

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